When Samsung launched Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, the general consensus was that these were the company’s best flagships to date. The device maker had finally traded the pasticky non-premium build for a sleek glass and metal design.

It also trimmed down its overly cluttered TouchWiz interface and added a bunch of other nifty features like a touch-based fingerprint scanner. But the Galaxy S6 isn’t without fault. Customers main complaints? Unlike the Galaxy S5, the Galaxy doesn’t come with a removable battery, nor does it have a microSD card slot.
On top of that, the Galaxy S6 is sustained by a skimpy 2,550 mAh battery which is supposed to sustain all the power Samsung has packed under the hood of the flagship. And as we told you in our review of the device, the powerhouse fails miserably to achieve this goal.
Well the folks of Incipio are hoping that the addition of an extra battery plus a microSD card might help you look at the Galaxy S6 more differently. And probably, they aren't wrong.
The Offgird adds the missing ingredients

Their latest case accessory called Offgrid has been designed to be compatible with both the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge and will add a hefty 3,700 mAh battery plus the possibility of memory expansion.
The case will attach to the phone in two parts, one fitted around the front edge of the phone and the other sits behind. On top the case reveals the mic and IR blaster, while the bottom shows the microUSB port and headphone port.
Take into consideration that the case will now allow wireless charging, but the NFC-based functions like “swipe and pay” should work just fine with the Offgrid attached.
On the ride side we have an extended power button and a swtich that allows you to go from power to microSD storage. A three second press should achieve this.
The microSD card slot allows users to expand internal memory up to 128GB. The left side is home to a toggle switch between storage mode and charging mode. There’s also the extended volume buttons. Last but not least, there’s a metal grill sitting up front which pushes the sound up front.
If all this sounds good to you, you should know the Incipio Offgrid Battery Case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge will cost you $89 / €82.