T in the Park came to a triumphant close last Sunday night rounding off the festival's first year at its new site of Strathallan Castle.

At the festival Music-News.com caught up with Saint Raymond.

'I had a great show today. But I knew the crowd was gonna be good 'cause they're always good in Scotland. But then again, you never know at festivals 'cause you might clash with someone else. So I kind of didn't expect anything, and it was amazing, so that was great.

'I came last year. That was amazing too. I literally got off a flight from America and came straight here, with about half an hour to spare. So I was super-tired and not in great spirits, but the T crowd just lifted me. They just take you to another level.

'Bands love coming to T in the Park 'cause the crowds are always amazing. A lot of festivals are a bit 'arms folded' and not bothered. Whereas here everyone wants to just have fun and dance around. And they're willing to give new bands a chance, which I think is so important.

'But you have to remember that a lot of people are not particularly here to see you ' it's almost like a support gig. So you just have to really go for it and win them over. And that in turn give you a buzz for the next gig.