Tom Parker thinks The Wanted held Nathan Sykes back.

The two were both part of the popular British boyband, joined by Max George, Siva Kaneswaran and Jay McGuiness.
They announced their hiatus in January 2014 and are yet to head back to the studio together. Nathan has since launched himself as a solo star, something Tom completely supports.
"Of course. He's doing great and I wish him the best of luck. He's always wanted to be this artist and being in the band held him back a bit," Tom told British magazine New!
Tom is pursuing a career as a producer, as well as showing off his culinary skills on UK TV show Celebrity MasterChef.
The boys all keep in touch, although things were initially a bit strained following the hiatus news.
"Yeah we went through a weird period after we decided to take a break but we all keep in touch. Everything's sweet. Guys have it out and then it's done with," Tom explained.
Being free of the band has meant the 26-year-old gets to spend more time with his girlfriend Kelsey. Marriage is even on the cards for the pair.
"It's always been strong but it's nice getting back to normal and waking up next to her every morning," he smiled.
Talking about another famous boyband exit recently, Tom thinks Zayn Malik made the right decision when he quit One Direction in March.
"He made the call for his own health and sanity, and I respect him for that. No way [is it the beginning of the end for One Direction]. They look good as a four," he enthused.