Acid Is Now Hiring

We may be looking for some new blood on the staffing team, how many? we do not know. but if your interested feel free to apply. but before you do please read the following and think about it first.

What We Req:

On Site Activity (forums etc)
IRC Activity - this is a must for communicating with other staff and for helping users that join any of our irc channels looking for help.
Some free time to deal with site duties.

What We Dont Req:

Applying if you know you dont have the time to do any staff duties, it only wastes all our time

So Whats Involved:

Various roles have different jobs to do, but generally its helping users with issues, maintaining forums, Editing torrents, Enforcing seeding rules, Hanging out blethering in irc and helping people if they require it.

How Much Time Are We Talking:

If your pc is on you can idle in irc and help as you see them, site wise a few hours each week should cover it but if your on site a few hours each day anyway then it shouldnt be a problem, training! may take some extra time initially but once you get yer bearings youll be fine.

What If I Dont Lnow Anything:

Providing you know the basics then thats all you really need to know, you can learn as you go, we all still learn new things every day.

If your still interested feel free to drop us a email to tell us why you want to be staff an what you could bring to the table, be honest an put your username in the subject box. Tongue

Good Luck an thanks for taking the time to read and apply.