Now it has been made ​​so that you can see when FREELEECH stops on a specific torrent

Ex including:

This is made so that there is some ending up in a FREELEECH " trap" in the sense that you start its download while the torrent is tagged with FREELEECH and 5 min . after stops FREELEECH time. This will cause the download will not be " free " and will cost on your ratio of the remaining time in downloading the torrent when it has not FREELEECH more .

Remember ! If all the torrent is not done downloading when FREELEECH time expires! , your ratio change compared to the remaining GB remain to be downloaded.

The torrent is only FREELEECH if 100 % is downloaded in FREELEECH period.

There are permanent FREELEECH Unity , DANISH BITS and DBRETAIL release!

// Danish Bits Staff