Please help keep waffles going!

2015-07-24 18:27:03
Dear Wafflers,

Our servers were recently moved, and coinciding with that, we conducted long overdue server maintenance. This has led to our unexpectedly lengthy downtime, and we're very happy to be back online. Unfortunately, we are currently dangerously low on money; specifically, we do not have sufficient funds to make a required monthly payment to our host on August 11th, and to keep running, we will need assistance from our users, to keep us going forward. We are supported entirely by user donations, and it's time again that we run a donation drive in order to keep our site running.

We would like to ask all users to think about what Waffles means to them and considering donating, as 100% of all donations go to keeping us online, and without the generous help of our donors, we simply couldn't exist!

The last time we did a fund drive, we expected that we were going to use some of the money collected to purchase new servers, but we didn't raise enough to allow for that at the time. Instead all the money was used to keep us up for the last 14 months, and for that we thank you.

The way things stand now, once the site is fully stable, we are going to be transitioning to new servers for which we will be paying over time. The new equipment will be smaller than the old and so will allow us to cut our monthly server hosting costs in the long run. This equipment is already in our data center, and is ready to go.

As per last time, we will be providing points rewards to all donors, awarded at the end of the drive.

5€ - 350 points (enough to convert invites into anytime invites, or trigger half-leech for yourself)
10€ - 750 points (enough for a 48 hour half-leech for yourself)
20€ - 1500 points (enough for 24-hour freeleech for yourself)

Bitcoins, due to being anonymous and not linked to the user, will not award points, but they will still count to the overall drive and help keep our site online!

Link to donation page:

Thank you very much for all your support over the years and hopefully to come. We are very gracious for all the love our users have shown. This special promotion runs through August 16!

The Waffles Staff