The series of rating reveals linked to the coming Madden NFL 16 is continuing, and in keeping with the new focus on the air supremacy battle that takes place in real-world American football, EA Sports is ready to deliver information about the best wide receivers that gamers will be able to use.

Antonio Brown, with a 97 overall rating, is the best choice in the game, a Pittsburgh Steelers player that can deliver solid results for any other team.
EA Sports explains in an official announcement that "The NFL’s leading receiver has top marks with 99 Catching and 99 Route Running. His raw skills include 90 SPD/96 ELUS/91 ACC. Other outstanding ratings are 95 JKM, 93 SPC, 98 CIT."
Dez Bryant, from the Dallas Cowboys, is in second place with a rating of 96. He has solid numbers for catching and jumping, and he can also elude players who try to block him.
Calvin Johnson aka Megatron, rated at 95 overall and playing for the Detroit Lions, occupies the final place on the podium for the wide receiver position in Madden NFL 16.
Odell Beckham Jr, the athlete from the cover of the title, is rated at 94 and offers fans of the New York Giants an option that is rated 99 when it comes to spectacular catches.
The last selected wide receiver is Julio Jones from the Atlanta Falcons, with a rating of 94 overall.

Madden NFL 16 introduces more realism and variety

The new focus on the battle for aerial supremacy between teams means that both receivers and quarterbacks will need to carefully use their skills to beat defensive players as they seek to secure the ball.
EA Sports is adding new catches to the simulation and more options for players to use as they seek to maximize the strong points of their own team while minimizing those of the opposition.
The new Madden NFL also uses improved presentation options, giving gamers a range of cameras that bring them closer to the action.
The Ultimate Team mode is getting a new Draft-focused experience that will be faster and easier to set up and play.
Madden NFL 16 will be offered on both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One on August 25.