Bethesda's smash hit Fallout Shelter will finally make its debut on Android platform next month. We reported earlier this month that the game might be released on Google's operating system sometime in August, and today developers confirmed our initial assumption.

According to Bethesda, Fallout Shelter will be available for download via Google Play Store beginning August 13. Just like the iOS version of the game, Fallout Shelter will be available for free, but it will come with in-app purchases.
On top of that, developers confirmed that Fallout Shelter for Android will include all the updates released by Bethesda until now, such as Mr. Handy, the ultimate robotic companion, as a premium reward.
Android players will be able to use Mr. Handy to collect resources inside their Vault, as well as send him into the wasteland to collect loot, or even defend their Vault from creatures and disasters.

Android version will come along with a new major update

This all-new update is not yet available in iOS version of the game, but developers confirmed they will release it in App Store the same day the Android title make its debut in Google Play Store, August 13.
This means that iOS players should be able to enjoy the new gameplay features included in the upcoming update, at the same time as Android fans.
For those out of the loop, Fallout Shelter is the first mobile game in the Fallout franchise, which is available on PC. It's a strategy game with simulation elements that puts players in control of their underground Vault, after a nuclear war.
Players will have to build rooms in their Vaults, which will give them resources, as well as allow Dwellers to thrive underground.
Fallout Shelter is still one of the most popular games in the App Store after its June release. Bethesda even confirmed that the game has been the top downloaded game in 48 countries and the top downloaded application of any kind in 25 countries.
If you're on iOS and haven't tried out the game, you can now download Fallout Shelter for iOS for free via App Store. The game should be fully compatible with all devices powered by iOS 7.0 or later.