72hrs Possible Bitsoup Shutdown

Bitsoup Members!

Before I get down to business, Id like to take a moment and reach out to each and every member who heard the call that Bitsoup was and still is in financial problems.
To date we have been able to secure funding from members that have mostly paid the June bills off. However, we still need much help to cover the bills for July

As stated a few days ago we had until July 21st to pay our internet bill. As feared because of summer not many donations came in. People assume that someone else will donate so why bother. For years people abused the services bitsoup offered and now we are paying the price for it.

The little monies we collected bought us a few more days. There will be no more extensions allowed. If we are not caught up by end of business July 27th Bitsuop will go offline for many.

There is only 72hrs left before possible shut down. We understand that some do not want to donate but it is times like this that everyone regardless of class needs to support what they enjoy to use.

You all know how hard it has been over past few months. We need all the help we can get to get through summer.

Im saying this now. In the event we are unable to pay the monies owned Bitsoup will be forced offline. PCVIP and VIP have covered for everyone else. If you enjoy bitsoup show your support.

Thank you

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