Carly Rae Jepsen is getting used to her "spoilt" lifestyle.

The 29-year-old singer has had a busy scheduling since releasing her third studio album E•MO•TION, which boasts singles I Really Like You and Run Away With Me. It means constant jetting around the globe and having little time to herself, which has its ups and downs for Carly.
"I'm permanently jet-lagged, which is like a new state of weird. I'm just kind of bouncing from country to country every two days and living out of a suitcase and getting really used to room service. It's a spoilt life, but a weird life," she told BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Nick Grimshaw.
"I mean promo is always a bit of a strange time 'cause yeah, you hop around, but it's still awesome. I mean I can't really complain."
There are some amusing situations along the way too, such as appearing on talk shows in other countries. When Carly visits Japan she has to be "game" for whatever bizarre scenarios they throw at her.
One example was when she mentioned how much she likes avocado on toast for breakfast, which led to her teaching a class of fans how to make it - despite it only being two steps.
Host Nick also took the time to quiz Carly on her thoughts about the recent Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift spat, which saw the women have a dispute on Twitter over the MTV VMAs. The rapper was disappointed her track Anaconda missed out on a Video of the Year nod and voiced her opinion on the matter, with the blonde singer taking her comments the wrong way.
The ladies have made up now and Carly thinks things got blown out of proportion.
"I feel like there is a new age where women are much less competitive. I feel like the media does that too sometimes," she commented on the dispute. "Remember back in the day with Britney Spears against Christina Aguilera, and you're like, 'Is that really real or are they just trying to cause drama?'"