Ozzy Osbourne is obsessed with buying baby clothes when he's on tour.

The Black Sabbath rocker has just become a grandfather for the second time following the birth of his son Jack's daughter Andy last month. The tot is a little sister to his and wife Lisa's little girl Pearl, three, and Ozzy can't help but dote on the kids.
'Every time Ozzy goes on tour, he comes back with the most gorgeous dresses for the girls. He finds stores and picks everything out himself,' Lisa laughed to British magazine Hello!
Ozzy's wife Sharon added: 'He's obsessed with buying baby clothes. Pearl calls him Papa and she's got him around her little finger. We're spoiling Pearl too, so she doesn't feel like Andy is getting all the attention.'
Although the rocker loves treating his grandchildren, he initially wasn't sure about the new arrival's name. Jack and Lisa had settled on Andy for a boy, and when they discovered a little girl was coming into the world, they decided to stick with it. Ozzy attempted to convince them to name her after his mother Lillian, suggesting Lily was a nicer name.
'He tried playing dumb,' Jack explained. 'He'd ask, 'So, what's the name again?' Then, towards the end, he resorted to desperate tactics. He'd say, 'Please, just don't name her Andy.'
Sharon added: 'I did have some reservations and I kept coming up with other suggestions. I call her Button because she's so weeny and I think she'll always be Button to me.'
Sharon is renowned for her appearances on TV shows like The X Factor, where she is no pushover. She likes her opinions to be heard and doesn't stand for any nonsense, but when it comes to her grandchildren things are very different.
'I don't like to be too pushy. Pearl comes to me when she wants to. It's the same with Jack and Lisa ' I'm not overpowering with my opinions. They know I'm always here when they need me, but I'm not going to be that nightmare nana that's always telling them what to do,' she said