Windows 10 completely overhauls the desktop not only with the Start menu but also with a bunch of other features that could make mouse and keyboard users more productive, including multiple desktops and the action center, both of which are already available in build 10240 RTM.

And Microsoft knows that people will love these improvements too, so the company has used them for the latest Windows 10 advertisement published online today, describing all of them as another reason to upgrade.
“Windows 10 gives you absolutely the best experience for doing what you do. With features like Action Center, Task View and Snap Assist, it’s all about removing the obstacles between you and ‘Done,’” Redmond says in the description of the video.

Multiple desktops and Action Center

Multiple desktops is a feature that’s already available in rival operating systems such as Linux, and although users have been requesting it for years, the company has only now decided to implement it into Windows.
This new tool can simply be accessed with the Task view button that’s placed in the taskbar by default, so whenever you click it, you are allowed to create a new desktop or switch from one to another with just a click. Keyboard shortcuts are also available to control your desktops.
The Action Center is inspired by the sibling available on Windows Phone and groups all notifications that land on your computer. You can see there messages sent by the operating system, notifications from apps, new emails or Skype alerts and basically every single notification that’s sent to your computer.
Obviously, the Action Center uses the Windows 10 visual style, so the dark theme that Microsoft introduced on the desktop is here too, with the same transparency and blur effects used on the Start menu.
Undoubtedly, these features will indeed make the desktop more helpful for those with a mouse and keyboard, so have a look at the video below to get a short demo of both in action.