Microsoft’s hardware efforts will continue despite the criticism that has emerged in the last few years, so seeing the company focus on new devices is not at all surprising.

This time, a report by Digitimes citing unnamed sources claims that Microsoft might be working on a new tablet with a screen larger than 12 inches, thus creating a Surface Pro 3 successor that would try to replace a laptop in a much more effective way.
The Surface Pro 3 is already promoted as “the tablet that can replace your laptop,” but Microsoft might really be looking into building such a powerful device with this new project in order to expand its business in the hardware industry.
Any other specifics are not available right now, but it’s worth mentioning that such a report should be taken with a pinch of salt, despite the fact that building more tablets and new devices that could help Microsoft become more active in the hardware business indeed makes sense.
The successor to the Surface Pro 3 is expected to launch in the coming months, but once again, Microsoft is keeping all details completely secret and has said absolutely nothing about this new device. The Pro 4 will most likely come with the same size as the current model and will run Windows 10 from the very beginning.