Microsoft’s betting big on Edge, the new browser offered on Windows 10 PCs, tablets, and smartphones, so benchmarks released by the company show that its new app is faster than rivals such as Chrome and Firefox.

But some independent tests created by AnandTech show that Microsoft Edge is indeed blazing fast, and while it scored very well in the majority of the tests, it lost the battle with Google Chrome in a few.
Microsoft Edge got the best score in Sunspider and Octane 2.0, while Google Chrome 43 took the leading spot in Kraken 1.1, where it achieved a score of 1618.7ms versus 1797.9ms for Edge (lower is better).
Edge got a rather poor score in WebXPRT benchmarks, but its performance still shows significant improvements over Internet Explorer 11, which was the last browser in the charts. Microsoft’s new browser also performed reasonably well in Oort Online benchmarks, but still behind Google Chrome and Firefox 39, and got a rather average score in HTML5.
Keep in mind, however, that Edge is still work in progress and Microsoft should continue improving its browser in the coming months. A big update for Edge is coming later this year with new features, such as extension support and other goodies.