Microsoft has already demoed a new messaging app for Windows 10 that will be based on Skype and will arrive in a future update, but for the moment, this solution is not yet available, as more time is apparently needed to complete its development.

So while Windows 10 will launch next week without this messaging app, a new commercial released by Microsoft for the upcoming operating system shows what seems to be at least a mockup of this new feature that should be implemented for everyone very soon (via WindowsCentral).
As you can see, the messaging app also works with the Action Center, which makes it possible to reply to incoming messages straight from the notification and without having to launch the actual app. That’s actually one of the key features of the Action Center, as it will provide you with a number of options for each notification, including the possibility of replying to a message or email.

Big bet on Skype

With Windows 10, Microsoft is betting big on Skype, its VoIP platform that’s already available on both Windows and non-Windows operating systems, including mobile.
Skype will also be offered to Windows 10 users, and although it won’t be pre-installed, a “Get App” shortcut will be there in the Start menu to help you quickly download the application for your desktop.
The Metro version of Skype will be discontinued but will keep on being available on Windows RT, Microsoft’s tablet-oriented operating system that runs on the Surface RT and Surface 2. With Windows 10, Metro apps run in windowed mode, so there’s no need for a Modern version of Skype anymore, with the desktop sibling also providing touch-optimized controls for tablets.
The messaging app for Windows 10 will be based on Skype, but there’s still no information on when exactly this new feature is set to arrive on our PCs.