Microsoft’s changing the default browser in Windows 10 and replacing Internet Explorer with Edge, a new program that will be offered as a universal app, but several other companies have already expressed their intentions to create universal versions of their browsers.

Google hasn’t yet said anything about a possible version of Google Chrome for Windows 10, but it’s no surprise that users actually expect to get such a browser after the new OS becomes available, so it was only a matter of time until we got third-party concepts like this one, imagining the new universal app UI.
As you can see in the photo, the Google Chrome for Windows 10 adopts the same interface as the other apps available in Microsoft’s modern operating system, including a colored title bar, thus giving up on Aero effects once and for all.
Making it run on all Windows 10 devices would also come in handy, especially because there’s no Google app available on Windows Phone right now, but it remains to be see if the Mountain View-based search giant is ready to port its apps to Microsoft’s mobile platforms or not.
In the meantime, both Opera and Mozilla have already confirmed that they’re planning to bring their apps on Windows 10, so Edge will have serious competition when it sees daylight next week.