Despite the criticism happening online lately, Adobe keeps working at full speed on Flash Player, so today the company has introduced the first beta of version 19, which brings a number of improvements on all supported platforms.

Adobe Flash Player Beta fixes many of the bugs found in version 18, including the black screen spotted when a second SWF was loaded, but also the UI elements, text and videos that were displayed at incorrect sizes when using Internet Explorer.
At the same time, Adobe has revealed that this version comes with insertAt() and removeAt() Vector and Array APIs.
“With Flash Player and AIR 19, we have introduced two new APIs for element insertion or removal in Vector and Arrays. They are implemented to perform better than existing splice method when used for single element,” Adobe explains.
If you’re into beta testing and want to download this new version of Adobe’s Flash Player, keep in mind that it’s pre-release software, so a number of issues could very well be experienced, no matter the platform or the browser.
On the other hand, if you’re okay with diagnosing bugs and submitting feedback to the parent company, go ahead and download Adobe Flash Player 19 Beta and see what it brings new.