Although all improvements brought by Windows 10 won’t be available for Windows RT, the tablet-oriented operating system is set to receive an update sometime soon that would include some functionality introduced by the new operating system, such as the old Start menu.

But with Microsoft less interested in Windows RT, it’s pretty clear that this OS version has no future in Redmond’s vision, so just like the company itself, other firms are moving away from this platform and switching focus to the full version of Windows.
Today Futuremark has announced that 3DMark for Windows RT will be removed from the store very soon, as it wants to focus exclusively on Windows 10, but the application will continue to be available for businesses and enterprises on request.
“With the launch of Windows 10 we will also be removing the Windows RT version of 3DMark from the Windows Store, and 3DMark Vantage will no longer be available to buy on Steam, though both of these benchmarks will continue to be supported. 3DMark Vantage will be available from our website, while 3DMark for Windows RT will be offered to enterprise and business customers on request,” Futuremark explains.

Peacekeeper unsupported after July 29

Futuremark is also giving up on Peacekeeper, its browser benchmark for measuring JavaScript performance, recommending all those running Windows to switch to PCMark 8.
Peacekeeper will no longer be available after July 29, the day when Windows 10, Microsoft’s new operating system, is projected to make its debut worldwide.
“For future testing of Windows PCs, we recommend PCMark 8. And for Android smartphones and tablets, we recommend PCMark for Android. Both benchmarks include tests for measuring web browsing performance based on real-world activities instead of the narrow, synthetic workloads found in JavaScript benchmarks,” Futuremark adds.
Of course, everyone is recommended to make the move to the new benchmark solution, so go ahead and download PCMark 8 right now.