Cortana will finally make its public debut on PCs with Windows 10, bringing the exact same feature lineup as on Windows Phone, but with a few more extras, so if you were thinking that talking to your computer was strange, get ready to do that every day.

But since Windows 10 was an operating system built with user feedback, many of those who have already installed preview builds are asking for additional features, including options to shut down PCs.
A user request posted in the Windows 10 Feedback app already has a couple hundred votes and is quickly gaining ground, as more users want Cortana to be able to shut down their computers.
Indeed, that would really be a helpful addition for those who don’t want to touch their PCs and instead prefer to control it exclusively by voice, but such a feature would require additional permissions and workarounds to make sure that it performs the said commands correctly.

More supported countries

Windows 10 will debut on July 29, and Cortana is one of the key features of the new operating system, with Microsoft using it in several commercials that have already been posted online.
Windows 10 will be offered free of charge to all Windows 7 and 8.1 users, but Cortana will only be available in limited markets, including the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain.
Microsoft has already confirmed that Cortana will soon launch in some other countries, including Japan, Australia, Canada, and India. The personal assistant will have personalized answers for each market.
“In the Chinese market, the feedback requested a personal assistant whose voice sounded like she was smiling. And in UK, customers described their personal assistant as an ‘English Rose,’ which translated to a voice that sounds easy-going, with slightly self-deprecating modesty,” Redmond said.
All these improvements should arrive in Windows 10 in the coming weeks.