Microsoft has just released new firmware versions for its two latest tablets, but the company is yet to provide us with a change log, so it’s hard to tell what exactly is new.

But just like all the other firmware updates, they most likely bring fixes and performance improvements, as well as a number of optimizations, so expect your Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3 to perform slightly better after downloading and installing the new firmware versions.
As expected, they can be downloaded via Windows Update, and in case the firmware updates don’t show up for your device, just try again a little bit later, as in some parts of the world, it takes longer until they become available.
Keep in mind to charge your device before installing the new firmware or to keep it plugged in until installation of the new firmware is complete, just as a way to stay on the safe side and avoid any potential problem that might occur when running out of battery.
We’ve reached out to the company to ask for more information on this new Surface update and we will update the article with more details, should we receive an answer or a change log.