2015.07.26 - HR目前已经开始人工审核阶段!

话说,本站自由和任性是永恒不变的准则,然而,自由从来都是相对的,为了大家的自由和任性就必须牺牲个别和 大家不同自由方式。
我们新种从来都有较长时间的FREE时间,但是个别小伙伴呢,存在下了就跑的现象,为了让后来的朋友有粥喝 ,因此,我们内部HR已经开始了人工抽查阶段。也就是,每当你完成一个种子后,从完成种子算起,你必须在3 天内,保证做种12个小时。
第一次会给予警告,第二次可能会被BAN哦!这个要求我想不算高,3天做种12个小时,随便开机时间打开软 件就能完成吧!
为了大家的幸福,希望个别没有做种习惯的亲养成这种习惯把!3天内12个小时的小要求,相信没 问题的!


2015.07.26 - HR manual review stage has begun!

Members HDUER:
Saying that the site is the eternal freedom and capricious criteria, however, it has always been opposed to freedom, to everyone's freedom and capricious and everyone must sacrifice individual freedom in different ways.
We never have a new species FREE longer time, but individual small partners do, in the presence of the phenomenon of the run, in order to allow later drinking porridge friends, so we have started an internal HR manual checks phase. That is, every time you finish a seed, the seed from the finish date, you have three days to ensure that seeding 12 hours.
The first will be given a warning, the second may be BAN Oh! I think this requirement is not high, three days do kind of 12 hours, just boot time will be able to complete it open software!
Because automated HR system is not perfect, the way we are currently using artificial sampling and reporting process, and also please note.
To everyone's happiness, I hope individual habits that do not develop this habit to the pro! 3 days, 12 hours of small claims, we believe that no problem!