Kimberly Wyatt thinks her "saving grace" in terms of body image is that she's never achieved anything solely thanks to her looks.

The 33-year-old star found fame in The Pussycat Dolls, the US girl band renowned for their raunchy stage costumes and barely-there outfits. They also used to wow with intricate dance routines, and that is the part which Kimberly is most proud of.

"You're surrounded by girls who have very negative views of themselves and I think that my saving grace was that nothing I've ever achieved was based on my looks, but on my dancing and my talent," she told British magazine Hello! "I never felt that I had the most beautiful face or the most lustrous hair so I put in the crazy hours to prove what I could do and that was the healthiest thing that could have happened."

Before this, Kimberly didn't have a great body image. During her first job she put on weight which she found hard to shift, eventually realising stress and lack of sleep weren't helping.

As time has gone on, the star has become more and more interested in promoting healthiness to her fans. She worries about how image conscious society is now, something which is an even bigger concern since she became a mother to her daughter Willow, seven months.

"One hundred per cent [parenthood] has [made me more worried about people's body image] - and that is why promoting healthy eating is a real goal of mine," she explained. "In this selfie-obsessed generation, where people are so driven by fame and looks, with Photoshopped faces and bodies, we're all living in a false reality. What's important to me is to stay true to myself and to what I've learned along the way so that I can introduce Willow to that in the healthiest way I know."