With less than a day left until the official release of Windows 10 on PC, Microsoft announced that a new update for Xbox One SmartGlass application for Android and iOS is now available for download.

According to developers, the beta version of Xbox One SmartGlass application has been updated with new features and improvements, so those who have the stable iteration installed will have to wait until these new features are being tested.
The update brings the number one most requested feature by users, which is the ability to view, share and save Xbox One screenshots in the iOS and Android Xbox One SmartGlass applications.
These features are already available in the Xbox application on Windows 10, so those who upgrade to the new OS in the following days will be able to take advantage of these features right away.

Share your Xbox One screenshots with this mobile app

Microsoft also mentions that Xbox OneSmart Glass users will find screenshots in the Activity Feed, on profile pages, and in the new Capture hub available from the drawer.
You can now download Xbox One SmartGlass beta for Android for free via Google Play Store. The application should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 4.0 and up.
For iOS users, the situation is a bit different since the beta version of Xbox One SmartGlass is limited to users, so if you aren't part of the beta program, you can't access the new features released today by Microsoft.
Microsoft confirmed that the beta version for iOS is currently limited to users that are already part of the Xbox One SmartGlass Beta via the Apple store (build 2.108 or higher).
Keep in mind that both Xbox One SmartGlass apps updated today are pre-release versions, so they may not operate correctly or work the way a final iteration of the software will.