The Tour de France is pretty much over at this point, although for some the victory in Paris, on the Champs Elysees, is the most important one of the entire competition, which means that the ride into the capital of France is both celebratory and very competitive.

The winners of the distinctive jerseys sip a little champagne, the riders tend to talk to each other and smile a lot, there are plenty of statements about the beauty of the race and the worthiness of the competitors at least until the procession reaches the capital of France.
On the streets of Paris, the racing heats up, and the sprinters will do all they can to get what might be the most prestigious win of the year.
At the same time, all teams will try to send people into a breakaway in order to show off their jerseys and their sponsors.
This tends to make the final stage of Le Tour a relatively hectic affair towards the final, and it is often hard to know who will get the win.
Prediction: Greipel is a machine in the sprints and will probably win in the real world while I plan to take the honors in PCM 2015.

Great sights, some solid racing

The simulation from Cyanide cannot capture the procession like nature of much of the stage but does justice to the racing in the second.
A lot of teams have tried to make a serious move, but in the end the sprinters had their day and Nizzolo took second place, with Degenkolb from Giant once again benefiting from a better team to seal victory.
Overall, I am happy with the way my virtual Tour turned out, despite the fact that I wanted a few more wins.
Mollema managed to hold his own in the mountains against very high-caliber opposition, although there was never any chance for him to actually win.
I also managed to have a Yellow Jersey for a while, and Nizzolo was a solid sprinter on some occasions.
Take a look at how the final stage of the Tour de France happened in PCM 2015: