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    Nvidia Helping Fix Batman: Arkham Knight PC Issues Unrelated to GameWorks

    Nvidia confirms that it's helping Warner Bros. and Rocksteady fix the major issues encountered by Batman: Arkham Knight on PC, both in terms of its GameWorks features but also when it comes to general problems, as a token of goodwill.

    Batman: Arkham Knight launched at the end of June across PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Unfortunately, while console users got a great game that handled well and played in a decent manner, those on PC were treated to a shoddy port that had performance issues even on the most powerful configurations out there.
    The backlash was so strong that Warner Bros. suspended the game's sale, while Rocksteady worked frantically to solve all the different issues.
    A big patch launched soon after but the issues persist, as the studio has a huge task ahead of it and estimates that it will solve some more things in August.

    Nvidia explains just how it's helping improve Arkham Knight on PC

    Nvidia, which worked alongside Rocksteady to implement its proprietary GameWorks features into Arkham Knight ahead of launch, now explains how it's helping the studio improve the game's many different aspects, not just its GameWorks mechanics.
    According to Nvidia's Tom Peterson, who talked to MMORPG, the graphics card company has a team of 200 to 300 employees who help with designing algorithms for the visual features, and then go on to test and assure that they deliver a quality experience across multiple configurations.
    Nvidia is also pitching in as a token of goodwill in areas that are unrelated to its own technology, according to Peterson, just so that Arkham Knight can make a speedy comeback to the PC platform.
    As of yet, however, work is ongoing, so it's still unclear just when the Caped Crusader's final adventure will return and actually work as intended on PC.
    Until then, expect more announcements from Warner Bros. and Rocksteady in the following weeks.

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    Hmm. that's good.

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