Microsoft emphasizes just how important speeding up the whole Xbox One user interface is for its upcoming overhaul that's set to debut this fall. The company not only hopes to eliminate slow loading times but it also plans on adding additional options that can be accessed more easily by users.

At E3 2015, Microsoft made plenty of big announcements concerning its Xbox One home console, going from backwards compatibility to the release of the Windows 10 operating system this fall, not to mention other major things.
Among them was the new Xbox One user interface experience, which is set to overhaul the current dashboard by adding new options, all in order to speed things up and give players easier access to their desired features.

Speed and accessibility are important for Microsoft

While speaking with GamingBolt, Xbox One Platform Manager Richard Irving confirms that speeding the whole interface up is a top priority, and this is achieved not just by shaving off loading times but also by adding extra options and making them more accessible.
Case in point is the new category system that can be scrolled not just horizontally but also vertically, in order to facilitate access to installed games, not to mention pins for other titles or apps.
"Brand new Xbox One User Interface experience that will be going out this fall is really focused around speed and getting to things faster. Our design point of the new Xbox experience is speed and making all of the things you do on Xbox Live, both in and out of the game much faster. What is familiar is that the user can go left and right through the categories, but we have added a vertical scroll element that takes you deeper within the category," he explains.
Other areas, such as Gaming Hubs, the Party system, or the Activity Stream, will also be refined to provide a bigger emphasis on a user's friends, their own achievements, and to ensure that these can all be accessed more easily from within games, without having to sit through loading screens.
The new Xbox One user interface will be available for testing for Xbox Live Preview members soon enough, ahead of its fall launch.