The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will finally receive details about its possible New Game+ mode, according to developer CD Projekt Red, which promises to share some information in the very near future.

The Witcher 3 launched at the end of May across PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms, all around the world. Since then, the role-playing experience has received a wide array of updates and patches, not to mention free downloadable content and other such enhancements.
After implementing some overhauls for certain mechanics, like the inventory, via patch 1.07, it seems that CD Projekt Red might soon add a whole new feature, in the form of New Game+.
According to the studio's Community Manager Marcin Momot, news about New Game+ might be delivered in the very near future.
A staple of different RPGs, New Game+ allows players to start the story once more with their existing level and gear.
The Witcher 3 didn't ship with such a feature, but it seems that CD Projekt Red might soon implement it through a future update, so that players stay hooked on the experience until the two planned expansions launch for the sprawling role-playing game.
Expect to hear the actual news in the following days or weeks.

Update: It's official, CD Projekt Red confirms that The Witcher 3 gets New Game+ via DLC soon.