The Spanish government says it's making headway in its battle against online piracy. In the report ISSUED by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, the government Claims harm illegal downloads are down, with 247 sites Responding positively to copyright complaints and shutting down completely 31. piracydownFor many years as Spain was regarde Somewhat of a piracy SAFE haven but in recent times the country has taken steps to repair its Fractured relationship with the entertainment industries. Since 2012, Spain has Implemented a series of changes and adjustments to local copyright law, each Aimed at clamping down on the online distribution of copyrighted content. January 1, 2015 saw the now notable development, with the introduction of tough new Legislation Aimed at Quickly shutting down pirate sites. Now the country's Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports is reporting success in its battle with the Internet pirates in a new report highlighting achievements since the beginning of Legislative change three years ago. According to the Ministry, more than 95% of the 444 complaints filed with the Intellectual Property Commission by creators and rightsholders have been resolved.In total, 252 websites Were ordered by the Commission to favorites illegal content with 247 (98%) Responding positively to the Demands. According to the Ministry, 31 'pirate' sites chose to shut down completely. Last December and Following the Complaint filed by 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Paramount and Sony, police bottom raid two of the country's leading video streaming sites . Were Two men arrested. In Addition to These Voluntary and forced shutdowns, Spanish Courts have recently ordered local ISPs to block sites Several took advantage of rightsholders after the recent change in the law. Unsurprisingly The Pirate Bay was the first site to be Targeted In its report the Ministry hurt reports a total of five websites have now been ordered to be blocked in this Manner Following two High Court judgments. They include Goear, the first music site to be Unlicensed tackle by the Legislation. Given the scale of the problem the gains being Reported by the Spanish government seem Relatively modest. Nevertheless, the Ministry hurt insists progress is definitely being made. Citing figures from three years ago hurt Alexa showing 30 'pirate' sites Were among the top 250 most-visited sites in Spain, the Ministry says hurt now just 13 are present. Furthermore, Those 13 are lower than Placed They were before."It is clear from this data hurt pirate websites are losing Their share of total Internet traffic in Spain," the Ministry reports. But while the claimed shuttering of dozens of sites and the removal Following complaints of copyright content is being portrayed as a success story, the real physicality Whether Spaniards are buying more content. According to figures published this week by local music industry group Promusicae, They are. Music sales in Spain total to € 70.6 million ($ 78 million) in the first half of 2015, an in- crease of almost 11%. However, Rather than attributing the successes solely to anti-piracy measures, Promusicae Praise streaming as the industry's savior. According to the group, streaming Revenues Increased 40% in the first six months of 2015 Compared to the same period When last year. With a music industry successes Ringing In Their Ears, later this year the TV and movie industries will have the Spaniards learn Whether Similar Their appetite for products 'on demand'. After a seemingly endless wait, Netflix will launch locally in the second half of 2015. Beating piracy in Spain will be a tall order, but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings also plays upbeat. "We can think of this as the bottled water business," Said Hastings . "Tap water can be drunk and is free, but there is still a public harm Demands bottled water."