Good expensive users.

We hereby request all users to contribute and not be forced to close for lack of financial resources.

To make a donation by bank transfer must
send a private message to GSI to ask the NIB.

To make a donation by paypal should
send a private message to GSI to know what paypal account email.

All donations exceeding € 3 receive X Gigas that have to Upload and during that period VIP
besides having the nick green, are not affected by Hit and Run system.

The amount of assigned Gigas is on the donated amount
to know the amount should visit the page of donations >> <<
We also want to leave a thank VERY special for all staff, which has made this house what it is.

Missing 23 days to the end of the server's renewal and we still need to pay 93% of it!

So once again we appeal to your help to get back to renew the server and take the opportunity to thank all those who visit us regularly
and they made us what we are today without your presence / Help nothing would be possible.

The administration SceneRush