Since a lot of people ask what they can do with diamonds since the things they can buy from Diamond Shop were not so many we started to work and try to add some more things in there for you to buy.
After a lot of work and a lot more beers we manage to finish the trophies section in the Diamond Shop. There are a lot of trophies to buy using your diamonds that you hunt all over the site.
Also to buy them you will need to use the site too, so for each trophy there are some requirements, like upload, snatched, gold and so on.
After you purchase a trophy it will be displayed on your userdetails page so that anyone that visits your profile will see it. You can change your trophy style from your profile page.
What is next you may ask. Well next one is the Treasure Chest, We have some awesome suggestions there that we plan to use.

You can chat about them here

:: Staff