Trivia Question Contest

We just opened up #ToT-Trivia on our IRC network, and as such we're looking for people to help out with adding questions.

For each question you submit you'll get 50 BP, and any multiples of 20 will be x2.

EDIT: Apparently The1AndOnlyNubs's power of deduction is about as strong as PlacidSigh, so I have to make this edit to say the questions should relate to TV only.

i.e If you submit 14 questions you'll get 700 points, but if you submit 20 you'll get 2000. (20*50=1000, x2 multiplier)

The top 3 submitters will also receive:

25,000 BP
12,500 BP
7,000 BP

We will be screening the submissions for bogus entries and questions that don't really fit, so be advised.
If you'd like to enter, post your submissions in this thread. But please keep it to ONE post.

This will end on Monday, August 3rd EST. For information on how to connect to IRC, check out this wiki article.