TsH needs help to survive........

As you may be aware we have further issues again with regard to taking payments to keep this site alive.

Staff are more than willing to cover the basic cost of the site in regards to keeping it running, but we will almost certainly have to lose the topsite access that we have and will be relying on Uploaders fully for the time being should we continue.

The above is actually the smallest and least important part of the problem we face. We can sort the above issues without to much of a worry.

Now to the point where we really do needs the help from the users of this site.

For longer than I can remember we have struggled with a coding team. The coders we currently have here sadly do not have the enthusiasm or drive to do the things that are needed for this site and therefore in order to keep going we are going to be forced to make some drastic changes.

In short we are in need of people who would be willing to code for this site. People who are willing to put in the time it needs in order to turn this site around and head it back in the right direction.

We have faced out current problem for the last few months and had we had someone with the will to help, we could have easily avoided ending up where we are now. For obvious reasons I cannot and will not go into the exact reasons.

In short, we don't need money, we don't need donations we just need coders. Those with talent and those with the time needed.

If we do not find people that are able to help then I honestly think the best option would be to close this site and perhaps find an alternative home together. As much as I hate to admit it, but it's impossible to run a site like this and keep it going without the correct personnel in place to make that happen.

I would rather go out on a high than fade into just another everyday tracker. :-)

Thanks for your time. Let's see what happens.


P.S. Should you feel you can help, please send a PM to a member of staff or use the staff PM function. Please only PM if you really can help. We have had to many people in the past offer help but have nothing to offer.

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