The Ranks List and AutoRank System is being revised. Please be advised that over the next few days these changes will take effect.

Revised Ranks:
Owner | Administrator | Moderator | System Bot | BluRG | V.I.P | Subscriber | Trustee | Uploader | Blu God | Blu Junkie | Blu Addict | Blu Master | Blu Warrior | Blu User | Recruit | Leecher

Rank Added:
Blu God

Ranks Dismissed:
Senior Admin | GFX Team | On A Quest | SuperLeech


Leecher: Users who have a ratio lower than 0.50.

Recruit: This is the default rank for new users.

Blu User: Have seeded 1TB, and have a ratio of 1.50

Blu Warrior: Have seeded 2TB, and have a ratio of 3.00

Blu Master: Have seeded 4TB, and have a ratio of 6.00

Blu Addict: Have seeded 16TB, and have a ratio of 12.00

Blu Junkie: Have seeded 32TB, and have a ratio of 24.00

Blu god: Have seeded 64TB, and have a ratio of 48.00

This is a MASS PM. Please use helpdesk if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Blu Staff