Special Invites have been issued to all PTM users. These invites have been awarded by staff and are free to use !
However there is a limited time in which you can use them (7days as of this announce ).

If you find you can not send invites please check two things;
Invites can only be sent by user class 'Trader' and above.
The max user limit applies to all invites, special or otherwise.
We will be purging accounts in the coming days so keep an eye on the global user count on the homepage.

The reason for doing this now, is we are rapidly approaching our max users limit.
In the next few days we will start to prune accounts to which the staff believe are no longer being used.
A general idea of what we consider not being used ;
If a user hasn't downloaded a .torrent in over 1 year, or if a user hasn't logged in in the last 3 months etc. etc.
Normal users need not worry about such things, we are only trying to remove some of the accounts with no activity!

In other news:
We had a rather less than impressive donation level last month, the affect of which will hit us this month. For those who may wish to donate some money you may want to hold on for a few days until we launch a donations special...