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Chinese HD the new LOGO collecting the first round of voting has generated 20, officially entered the second round of voting!

The first round of voting of the the new LOGO solicitation of China HD 20 has been generated, the Mid-Autumn Day double, many members in a leave status, in order to make more members involved, so the second round of voting time delay of a few days, please understand.

Voting rules:

Second round of voting time: 2012 October 10

Vote in the voting district at the homepage, each member may vote only for a LOGO, the final selection of the highest number of votes 10 LOGO the each selected LOGO reward: 10W magic, invited 10;

(Activity Award will be after the end of the event, the uniform payment)



中国高清网新LOGO征集第一轮投票20强已产生,由于国庆中秋双节,众多会员处于休假状态, 为了使更多的 会员参与进来,所以第二轮投票时间延迟几天,请大家谅解。



在 网站首页投票区投票,每位会员只能投票一个LOGO,最终选出得票数最高10个LOGO,每个 中选LOGO 奖励:10W魔力、邀请10枚;