There is hardly a recent gaming phenomenon that can hold a candle to the powerhouse that is Minecraft. The creativity-focused title, which opens up doors for players to built whatever their minds can come up with, has been a tremendous success, pulling in not only 33 million sales worldwide but even earning contracts for sale as an educational tool. Given its huge success, its no surprise that Microsoft bought out developer Mojang for an incredible $2.5 billion last year.

After the purchase, many wondered what would become of Mojang, and just how far its new owner would push the Minecraft brand. With Minecraft creator Notch leaving the company citing increased pressure and departing to a $70 million mansion, it remained to be seen just what Mojang would do next. Now, the answer has become apparent, in the form of Xbox console exclusive Cobalt.

It appears as though Mojang is making tentative steps into the world of game publishing, giving a helping hand (and a watchful eye) over the Oxeye-developed title. Cobalt, which will be Mojang’s first ever third-party release, is a 2D platform game, and is set to launch for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Mac, and PC. Those excited to play the finished product do not have long to wait, either, as Cobalt is currently scheduled for an October 2015 release window.

Cobalt Mojang Gameplay

Cobalt is a multiplayer-focused platformer, with an emphasis on action and combat and over 30 multiplayer maps to enjoy. Although the title has been in development for some time, Cobalt has come back to the fore through gamescom 2015, where the game was given a brand new trailer. Meanwhile, an update from Xbox Wire states that the console versions of the game are being ported by Fat Shark.

Cobalt puts players into a robot-themed world, with users able to customize their robot avatars whilst enjoying multiplayer modes such as capture the flag and team deathmatch. The game will be playable by up to eight players, and works with both local and online multiplayer. Gamers can even have a look at the title in action right now, by heading over to the official Cobalt website, where an alpha version of the PC and Mac version of the title can be played.

Although Mojang is sure to be giving lots of attention to Cobalt, there is still plenty of work to be done on Minecraft, as the franchise grows ever bigger. After all, the build ‘em-up not only has the Telltale Games-developed Minecraft: Story Mode in the works, but there’s also the small matter of a feature length film sitting on the horizon. With fans of Minecraft also expecting continual updates on the original game, it looks as though Mojang is going to be keeping very busy for the foreseeable future.