New Donation Platform & Financial Status Update.

Just wanted to update all of you that our Donation Platform is now live again.
After facing some issues with PayPal, which left us financially crippled for close to 2 months, we have reworked the way we process donations.

Going forward, our primary mode of accepting donations will be through BitCoins.
This has quite a few benefits including anonymity, added security, and negligible transaction fees which, in the long run, will benefit everyone involved.

We'd like to thank a couple of loyal patrons who along with the staffers pitched in order to cover our monthly running expenses over the last 2 months. We really appreciate all your help!

In the interest of maintaining complete transparency, and improving accountability, we have gone ahead and made our Itemized Expense Sheet viewable to all of you.
We'd really appreciate if you'd consider showing your support by Donating whatever you can spare. It'd certainly help us wipe out the red that we have accumulated on our ledger over the last 2 months.

Thank you.