Only 31% of online TV subscribers in the United Kingdom admitted they watch original Netflix and Amazon shows like House of Cards or Transparent, though the companies spent millions to commission them.

Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Instant Video are considered the biggest online TV services in the country and are known to have invested heavily in original programming in order to attract more customers. For example, Amazon recently negotiated the initiation of a £160m show with former Top Gear stars Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

However, 69% of people have admitted they didn’t use Netflix and Amazon’s TV service to watch original programming, while 75% said they used them to watch movies and almost half said they watched American shows. Of course, the respondents to the recent survey could have been unaware that they had watched original shows of the services, but it should be said that they were provided with prompts such as House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black.

In order words, it turned out that the majority of British online TV subscribers are more concerned with back catalogues and foreign TV than original UK content. In the meantime, last year survey found that less than 1/4 of Netflix subscribers and only 15% of Amazon Prime subscribers had signed up to them to watch original shows. Anyway, more high-profile shows were since launched or commissioned: Netflix aired Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul and superhero series Daredevil, while Amazon snatched the former Top Gear cast. Netflix accounted for 4.3m subscribers in the beginning of 2015, Amazon – 1.2m and Sky’s on-demand service Now TV – just over 500,000.