Star Wars Battlefront has just received a brand new developer diary video, the third one in the series, this time focusing on the recently revealed Fighter Squadron game mode, which allows players to fly all sorts of iconic ships from the sci-fi universe in intense combat.

Star Wars Battlefront is eagerly awaited by millions of fans from all over the world, and both developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts have been sharing all sorts of new videos, screenshots, and details in the last few months.

After talking about the game's Fighter Squadron mode at the EA Gamescom 2015 press event earlier this week, DICE has now released a third developer diary video, going a bit in-depth about how players will be able to pilot ships in the upcoming game.

Fans are allowed to control the ships both in solo/co-op missions and in the Fighter Squadron mode. They can take control of X-Wing or A-Wing, for the Rebels, or the Tie Fighter and Tie Interceptor for the Imperials. The mode features not just dogfights high in the clouds but also chases at a lower altitude, through canyons and other dangerous environments.

You can check out the fresh Battlefront gameplay footage, complete with commentary from DICE, below. The actual game launches this November on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.