A workaround for the disappearing Paypal button
2015-08-10 19:26:19
So there have been many reports in the forums and elsewhere that the paypal button doesn't appear on the donation page. The behavior is very odd, sometimes the button appears or disappears on the same machine depending on the network being accessed, and particularly weird, on the same machine depending on which account is used. This is an intermittent error in that not everyone sees the error at all; I'm in that group myself, but other staff are not as lucky.

Anyway, here's a solution for you: you can manually send the donation to waffles! If you want credit you must do these things when manually sending money through paypal:

1. Choose "Pay for goods or services" Yes, you're donating, not buying anything, but we have a business account and so "friends and family" will only create trouble for us.
2. Enter the payment address: woodywaffler@gmail.com
3. Enter the amount you wish to send. We prefer donations sent in Euros, as that's the currency our server bills are paid in. To do this, select EUR from the drop down list under the amount to donate.
4. Next, under that, click on "Add a note" and in that note state the following:
a) "This is a donation for the Waffles Server Fund"
b) your waffles username.

Oh, and if the paypal button works for you, please use that method instead of this workaround. That's it. Thanks much for helping us with our fund drive!