Too late in a dark night, eyes cracked open showing lightning bolt streaks of blood red around pin sized pupils, the blue light flickers from the screen, chanting a litany of terror toward the blank stare of a dead man. The wet face of madness, no longer knowing if what is burning his eyes is sweat or tears. The fall of his downward spiral seemingly endless when suddenly he sees the dim light at the bottom of his regrets. A realization, there is only one possible cause for this nightmare, he grabs his cleaver, it must be October, he tears himself from his bed of misery. "PassThePopcorn, it's their fault, they must be throwing a Halloween Horror Upload Contest," the sounds fall out of his cracked lips like a thunderous whisper from a forgotten god. "They'll pay for this, they all will..."

Welcome back to the flagship, it's time to run, it's time to scream, pray for mercy, cause it's Halloween, and none of us may make it out of this contest alive!

All uploads with a "horror" or "thriller" tag will receive 24 hour freeleech, and they'll all count toward your total on the leaderboard.

We'd like to take a moment to remind everyone that during the month of October "The Rate Movies, Win Points! Round Duex!" contest will be handing out 2X the bonus points as usual! Post your uploads in the contest thread to receive the entry bonus of 10k!

We'd like to thank SeedMyBox for going down all the dark hallways first for us, and they'd like to thank you too, so not only will the winner receive a 1GB VPS, not only will second place receive a 2012 Platinum Seedbox, not only only will third place receive a 2011 Platinum Seedbox, but a 2010 GOLD SEEDBOX WILL BE AWARDED TO A RANDOM PERSON WHO LIVES LONG ENOUGH TO BE IN THE TOP 50!!!