His name is Priyank Paradeshi and he works for IBM in California as a Senior Manager. But that have not excited this educated and top-class company's employee as he felt that there is something related to movies that would give him a kick. So he uploaded a piracy print of Baahubali online. But what was revealed when this IT guy was nabbed by Jabalpur Police a month back is so alarming.

In a saddest development, quite educated and employee of a world class company is the head of a piracy gang that is situated across the globe. From the guys who record movies with camcorders to the ones who send it to bosses like Priyank in USA, Khan Saahab in France and Khurram in Australia, to the ones like Lingarajan who prints and sells DVDs in local markets; they are the people involved in this piracy ring that pirated nearly 1243 movies till date including Baahubali, PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan.

With techies as bosses, the gang held 65 websites under its control for people to download movies. After Priyank, nearly 11 other people were arrested by Jabalpur police, after Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce started digging into the matter of Baahubali piracy print uploaded to internet on the same day of release date, July 10th.

Quite sad for well settled and highly educated people like Priyank involving with piracy.