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    Can Xbox One catch up with PS4? Microsoft is in it for the long run

    Although it's been a while since we've had any official figures, it's common knowledge that the PS4 is ahead of the Xbox One in terms of sales.

    Microsoft has been willing to adapt and change its strategy with the Xbox One, but does the company believe it can catch up with Sony's machine?

    PS4 and Xbox One consoles

    When asked by Eurogamer if the Xbox One could catch up with the PS4, Microsoft's Phil Spencer said that actually, the combined userbase of Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows has never been bigger.

    "I honestly don't goal the team on how many units Sony sells," he said.

    "I think about what we're going to do, and how many Xbox customers we have across 360, Xbox One and Windows - thinking about the combined community of people on Xbox and playing those games, and that number's never been bigger."

    Spencer said that the company is in it for the long run, and that the console's lineup is incredible.

    "There are ways to sell consoles by losing more money on hardware and building an unnatural business construct that I'd never want to do," he continued.

    PS4 Xbox One controllers

    "At the end, when people make a commitment to Xbox and the consoles they buy, the games they buy, they want to know that Microsoft and Xbox is in it for the long run.

    "To sacrifice the long term for any short term gain doesn't make any sense. I really focused on our first-party investment, and you see it showing up in 2015 and 2016. Next year's line-up is pretty incredible, and we haven't even talked about all the games that are coming next year."

    Microsoft discussed many of its first and third-party exclusives at gamescom, including Quantum Break, Scalebound and Crackdown 3.

    However, it will have a tough time catching up with the PS4, which has a 90% market share in some parts of Europe.

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    As a late PS3 and a current PS4 owner, I really think Xbox is winning at this point on features. Sure they lost the first (couple) races. In my country they launched the Xbox a year later than 1st launch.
    But now they have a great strategy; play 360 games on the One, Hololens, the ability to stream to Windows 10, customizable controller.
    People who've sung out to buy a next gen, should go for a Xbox One at this point.
    I'm even thinking about it, if it's only for the Battletoads port in the 30th anniversary Rage collection...

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    I might Disagree with you on this one Alt10 , i'v owned both PS & Xbox and let me tell you this , it ain't a small difference not at all , PS4 is way better than xbox one , Especially the games that are only available in PS ( Uncharted , the last of us , infamous etc.. ) and also the quality of games , PS4 is better . well at least for me.

    My suggestion stay away from xbox and héck yeh go get ur PS4

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