While few but their closest fans would agree that the Xbox One had a difficult start, fewer still would say that the system has not made an impressive recovery.

Despite being outsold practically from the start by Sony’s Playstation 4, Microsoft has put the focus back on games and has seen a renewed excitement for their system.

Upcoming games such as Halo 5: Guardians and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition are sure to be huge draws for fans and current system owner, and Microsoft hopes to draw in more gamers who have yet to purchase the system.

Microsoft also showed an eye to the future with upcoming games such as Quantum Break and Scalebound and announced a new entry into the Gears of War Franchise.

While it can be debated how the games will fare and if they will have any significant effect on the sales lead that Sony currently enjoys, the fact is that Microsoft is addressing what fans want first and foremost, solid gaming exclusives. Combined with an impressive list of third party titles as well as the upcoming ability to play select Xbox 360 titles, Microsoft has made an impressive turnaround since the bungled launch efforts for the system.

The company has been in overdrive from a marketing standpoint with big showings at San Diego Comic Con, Gamescom, and the pending PAX Prime as they know they have to make these shows count going into the Holiday Shopping season as Sony is waiting in the wings with the Tokyo Game Show, Paris Game Week and possibly another Playstation Experience to tout their system and games. Not to mention PAX Prime as well.

While it can be debated as to the impact of Direct X 12, Windows 10, and the new games, one thing is clear, Microsoft has recovered nicely and regardless of if they can catch up to Sony which many analysts still see as a long shot, the company has made impressive strides to making gamers happy and bringing quality games to the market, which as gamers, is what we wanted the most in the first place, not a glorified DVR.