With the announcement of a Resident Evil 2 remake, which I am super stoked about, Iíve thought a lot about what they should remake next. Some might prefer they focus on new games and work on creating better stories rather than going over old territory, and most times Iíd be in agreement. There is just something about the earlier Resident Evil games and Raccoon City that makes me come back for more.

There is so much potential to add more information that we know is about, or information that is expanded upon. They did with Resident Evil REmake and I have no doubt theyíll add to the story in Resident Evil 2 remake. Not only can they, and should, add in information about characters but other locations and monsters. Some of the enemies have very little information about them which is quite sad.

Not only more information but visiting other locations or opening up some of the locked buildings. We spend most of the time in the city that itíll be such a shame for them to waste an opportunity to add to the city. Maybe theyíll open up the area with that lone zombie that we can never reach?

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was one of the most terrifying games that I played when growing up. While most adored Resident Evil 2, and Iím one of them, I feel Resident Evil 3 was often overlooked in favor of itís predecessor. Rarely do I have conversations that are on Resident Evil 3 but there are plenty about Resident Evil 2.

Nemesis is relentless as he stalks Jill around the city while sheís desperately trying to survive and escape. The sheer thrills and scares of the game would only be enhanced by high definition graphics and with more detail, itís going to be even more terrifying. And yes, I want to see how Nemesis should look like instead of the weird changes they made for the film and Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

It also tried new things, much like the second game did. Dodging, quick turn and even quick time events. As someone who dislikes quick time events, I didnít mind the ones in Nemesis as they were simple and werenít that difficult to fail at.

Resident Evil 3 was a good game. Still is even though itís vastly outdated. A remake will give us fans the opportunity to go back and visit the city and be chased by Nemesis in an improved setting. It deserves every bit of a chance at being remade as the second one had and if there is success for Resident Evil 2 remake, they might consider remaking 3. This is all speculation so donít take my word for it!

I want the chance to be awed again by my favorite game in the series. Yes folks, my favorite is Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. For a huge while I refused to complete it because there was this sense of finality about it. And there is something incredibly saddening about the city being destroyed when weíve spent so much time there.