In an interview with IGN Benelux at Gamescom late Kaeo Milker, Lead Game Producer of Heroes of the Storm, know that the team is open to characters from franchises from Activision. It is also clear that Overwatch heroes can come to the MOBA earlier than expected.

"There are lots of opportunities between all the games," Milker says. "We are only at the tip of the iceberg with looking at the potential of that. We are all very excited about each other's games, so I think a lot more ideas going around among all teams. The team of Starcraft II love Heroes of the Storm, they want Artanis [from the new Legacy of the Void expansion] just as happy in the game as we do and then you do. "

When you book the new extension of the RTS, you can immediately unlock the warrior when he comes out. It is not usual that a new character from a Blizzard game to Heroes of the Storm comes before he featured in his own game. This can probably be done with Overwatch.

"In the early development phase of Heroes of the Storm we have made ​​arrangements with the various teams, especially the groups working on new content or a new IP as Overwatch, we keep them really from Heroes of the Storm for six months to a year so that they are really ready, and the characters and world have put down well, "says Milker. A rule that has been broken now by the Starcraft 2 team that came to them to ask if they wanted to do Artanis.

"We want good things in the game. If the Overwatch team rather than six months, comes to us and says they want to have a character in Heroes of the Storm, we say no."

During our Gamescom interview has also emerged that more than likely new roles for the game to come. Additionally, there are new heroes and announced a folder . Are you a fan of Heroes of the Storm? Then you definitely our weekly live stream HotSStuf check on Wednesday, where we discuss the latest developments and get involved with live matches.