If there is one game I have been wanting to see a sequel for is Red Dead Redemption. Since I finished the original a few years ago, I have been waiting to see what Rockstar Games has in store for Jack Marston, son of slain hero John Marston. Red Dead Redemption was all about John Marston doing dirty work for corrupt government agents to save his family but ends up paying for it with his life. In the end, we see his son take over and be the next generation of outlaw.

The story is quite simple. Jack avenges the government agents for screwing his father and make sure he did not die in vain. That opens for a whole new world to explore and new people to meet and play missions with during the campaign. Jack would also possess the ability to use the powerful and effective ‘red eye’ firing mode that slows down time and you are able to mark your opponents and once you pull the trigger, its wham, bam. thank you ma’m! Hitman Absolution also used a similar technique and it’s quite effective to take down large groups of enemies in one go.

I would love to see Bonnie McFarlane and possibly a daughter that Jack could have a relationship with. A love interest will definitely make things interesting as law enforcement authorities can try to kidnap her to make our hero vulnerable. Bonnie’s possible daughter can join Jack on missions or provide him with intelligence or information on his enemies.

The one thing Jack would have over his dad is finesse and speed. Since Jack will hopefully be a bit younger than his dad was in the original game, he would be a lot faster and quick when it comes to taking out enemies. Stealth missions would really see him set aside his pistol and take out enemies while hidden. It would give it the Assassins Creed, Metal Gear Solid and Hitman feel. The idea would be take out all of those perpetrators one by one and deliver Jack’s brand of justice. It could be akin to those Quentin Tarantino Kill Bill movies.

Overall, I would be really excited to hear more news on a RDR sequel. Hopefully, some of my ideas do get realized and if they do, we have a hell of an awesome sequel on our hands. The title can easily be called ‘Red Dead Revenge!’