It’s no surprise that the response to Rare Replay has been astronomically positive. The one-off gaming pick ‘n’ mix has received widespread acclaim, due mainly to its inclusion of otherwise unattainable classics.

It got us thinking about game collections, and other bundles of nostalgic favourites we’d want to get our hands on. Bandicoots, LEGO, and angry ducks – whether realistic or not, here are the dream developer bundles we’d love to see.
Naughty Dog

Crash Bandicoot

This collection would have to span generations, with childhood favourites like the first three Crash Bandicoot games and Jak & Daxter meeting modern blockbusters like the four Uncharted games and The Last of Us. No Naughty Dog bundle would be complete without a Crash Team Racing appearance, for those times when you’ve got friends around.

If you want a real challenge however, hop onto Way of the Warrior, which is like a retro mortal combat with strangely modelled character faces (it’s like Freddy Krueger tried to get a face lift). By “retro”, I mean “before controls had any efficiency at all”, so it’ll be a real hoot if you’re not used to pressing one button over and over again.
Insomniac Games

Spyro gif

Insomniac Games, the studio responsible for creating everyone’s favourite purple dragon (Barney was a dinosaur, before you say anything) could make a brilliant gaming bundle. They did the first three Spyro games as well as the first three Rachet & Clank games. Throw in some recent titles, like Resistance and Sunset Overdrive, and I’d say you’re good to go.

Their first game, titled Disruptor, would also be a neat addition. I know, I’d never heard of it either, but if you read the plot synopsis it actually sounds quite intriguing. I’d give it a go in between day-long Spyro binges.

mass effect

The kings of the RPG. This BioWare compilation would take up days of your life at any one time, with its plethora of blockbuster questers. They’re most famous for recent successes like Mass Effect (the first one, obviously – the other two were god awful, and I remain adamant on that) and Dragon Age: Origins.

But oldies like Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Dragon would be more than worth your time. Baldur’s Gate is one of the original RPGs, and if you have a month of your life free, and you don’t mind being made to restart from checkpoints so often you may be driven insane, go for it. The beauty of this one is that it doesn’t even have to be very extensive. The games are so in depth that four or five titles would probably see you right until the end of time.
Traveller’s Tales

Lego star wars

Imagine a world in which every LEGO game exists at once. A world where Obi-Wan brushes shoulders with Batman. Where Indiana Jones wields a lightsaber.

Alright, so that wouldn’t happen, but a Traveller’s Tales bundle containing all the LEGO games would be incredible. You’ve got everything from Rock Band to Lord of the Rings, plus Sonic 3D and Super Monkey Ball on the side. This would be going like hotcakes with children and I think we all know there’s nothing better than beating a five year old kid on Super Monkey Ball then celebrating like a madman. No? Just me?
Id Software


If you’re in the mood for simply running and gunning, this will be the one for you. Id Software have produced some of the greatest first-person shooters in the gaming industry. The Quake series would feature heavily on this compilation, with Doom and Wolfenstein 3D following.

That’s demonic beasts, alien things and Nazis all in one bundle. What’s not to like? Earlier titles like Commander Keen, Dangerous Dave and Shadow Knights could break up the carnage, but ultimately, we all know we’d be buying this bundle for the Nazi slaying, demon culling madness.

Dragon force

The choice is endless. Must-haves in this bundle include: Dragon Force, Golden Axe, Shinobi, Dynamite Dux and Yakuza. Granted, there are some obscure ones that may or may not have the potential to stand up to modern day games, but the point of a bundle is to provide alternative entertainment when you’ve had quite enough FIFA 15 for one week.

Dragon Force is an absolutely amazing game that’ll keep you going for hours and Dynamite Dux won an award for Most Original Game of the year when it was released in 1988. To be fair, if a game concerning mad ducks who prowl the streets beating up other animals can’t win Most Original Game, then what can?