The fourth in our daily series exploring League of Legends terminology, written for new/learning players, and expands on the strategical context that makes up all these terms.

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Disconnect (or DC)

When a player leaves a game or when his crappy internet falls. DCing even when it isn’t your fault is a bannable offence, so make sure you check your internet before playing!

Disconnecting from a League of Legends game will not allow you to join another one until your current game ends, so make sure you’re reading to commit to a game when you decide to accept the player lobby.

Dive/Turret Dive

An incredibly risky play that involves running past all minions, and directly attacking a player when he is under the safety of his turret. A turret dive is usually done when the enemy player is low enough to kill in a few hits, meaning that the attacking player takes only a few hits from the enemy turret.

A lot of new players will get greedy when they see a low health player and attempt to turret dive. The worst case scenario is that you hit the player, fail to kill him, the turret kills you and the enemy gets the kill.

Turret dives are executed by experienced players who know exactly how many turret hits they can take and therefore know when to pull out before they die.


Dodge/Queue Dodging

Dodging is done by closing the game client while you are in champion select. This is not reccomended because the game subtracts points away from your matchmaking rating when you dodge (effectively lowering your overall rating and making the system think you are a worse player).

The reasons why people dodge is if they encounter a particularly horrible/abusive player in champion select, and would rather not play the game with such abuse. The second reason is if the team picks a combination of characters/champions that do not go well together, thus effectively giving the enemy team a huge advantage before the game has even started. Many people will dodge because they anticipate a loss.

Damage over Time, (otherwise known as DoT)

Skills that do damage over a long period of time. Some characters exclusively focus on DoT, (Swain, Cassiopeia, Singed) and are all about outlasting your opponent while they slowly choke to death.


A mini-boss in the lower right corner of the map. It spawns every 6 minutes and requires a whole team to work together to kill it. For each time a team kills dragon, they gain a stack, or power boost. If a team manages to kill 5 dragons over the course of a game, they will gain a huge boost in damage and speed.

A large part of the strategical part of League of Legends is teams working together to make sure they always kill the dragon every 6 minutes. If you hold the TAB button and look at the golden timer in the middle-right of the screen, this will show you a timer that will appear after you kill dragon, to let you know when the next one will spawn. If you have no vision of dragon, and the enemy team kills it, you get no timer.

For this reason, it is always important to join your team when they are fighting dragon to make sure you kill it before the enemy team gets there. Or the opposite ; hit the enemy team while they are fighting dragon in order to stop them from doing it.