Hi folks ... after several days without an update because we are no plans yet for the return of the new site, we bring a new story, not the expected ... but at least a temporary solution to ease the lack of B2S, and we expect it to be satisfactory and that everyone understands why we do this because you can not get another 6 months in construction of the new site, totally getting off on paying the servers of our pocket and with donations from some users, then work on the new site formulation in parallel, as this will put back the old B2S online. We will do this with the help of a new programmer.

I think that until Tuesday 11/8/2015 day we will have more news about the return of the old site (who knows great rsrsrsr news). We know the anxiety of all (ours too) and so we decided to go back to the B2S exactly the same as when we took the air on 03/07/2015 until the new is ready. We with understanding of everyone, and we ask that unnecessary comments out of context and are avoided. Administration B2S = Share "